Molokai Sea Salt & Forty Oaks Farm Organic Oil

Molokai Sea Salt Blend ~ Fiery Neri #3773
This unique spice combination from West Africa is the perfect rub or addition to beef, poultry and veggies. Mixed in with cous cous or rice dishes it adds the unique taste of a citrusy spice. $10.00

Molokai Sea Salt Blend ~ Thai Curry #3775
Thai green curry and smoked kiawe flavor this salt blend. 100% organic certified Nutrient-rich and low in sodium chloride. $10.00

Molokai Sea Salt Blend ~ Chipotle #3771
This smoky spice combination is a big favorite for bbq enthusiasts and summer guacamole fans. Use on anything you want to add a little kick. $10.00

Molokai Sea Salt Blend ~ Fresh Herbs #3772
By far the favorite of everyone! This amazing combination of fresh organic herbs and garlic can be used with everything from olive oil french fries to pasta. Customers rave about this being so yummy they want to take a bath in it! $10.00

Forty Oaks Farm Organic Garlic & Rosemary Oil #5736
Garlic Rosemary Oil: The no-brainer, go to oil for basically every application you can think of. Brush on everything you throw on the grill, marinate chicken, fish, veggies, meat and then roast, pan sear or grill. Making pizza dough? Add a tablespoon or two and you have an amazing tasting pizza or bread dough. And if all you have is a fresh baquette- then dip away! $11.00