Cook Books

Aloha Cuisine - Sam Choy #2110
Hawaiian regional cuisine at its best by one of its master original founders. Aloha Cuisine is the ideal gift to send to islanders away from the islands or folks on the mainland who want to know more about Hawaii's new wave of cooking. All the recipes can easily be made with all the ingredients available in Asian sections of supermarkets. Photos for each recipe. $25.95

Let's Go Fishing - Ben Wong #5108
Favorite seafood recipes from the Islands of Hawaii and beyond. Hawaiian and common names for each fish are included along with descriptions of how to prepare each fish for cooking. A perfect gift for the fisherman in the family or just the person wanting to learn more about seafood. $17.50

The Beauty Of Cooking On Molokai - James Temple #4910
This book is full of 122 recipes, some of the best local grindz enjoyed in the Hawaiian islands. A fusion of many nationalities, a tropical melting pot of flavors that are unique to the culinary world. $19.99

Tropical Cooking By Molokai Chef James Temple #5361
Enjoy a little taste of the islands without leaving home. A collection of 122 tropical island recipes from around the world. $19.99

Alu Like's Healthy Local Recipes for Hawaii's Kupuna - Elizabeth Meahl #2367
Based on the traditional native Hawaiian diet these recipes are low in fat, sodium and sugar and high in vitamins and minerals. Helpful tips are included throughout the book in "Hunehune Mea Hou" (information and tips) boxes. $13.95

Hawaii Cooks With Spam - Muriel Miura #3097
This beautifully illustrated book includes treasured Spam recipes that will warm your heart, satisfy your cravings, and delight your family and friends - and all are easy to prepare. $14.95

Star Advertiser By Request 2 - Betty Shimabukuro #4539
Dedicated to everyone who cooks, thinks about cooking or simply loves to eat, this book is a compilation of some of Hawaii's greatest recipes printed in the Star Advertisers "By Request" column written by Betty Shimabukuro since 1998. $14.95

Hawaii's Best Pupu & Potluck - Jean Watanabe Hee
#1322 $14.95

Great Chefs of Hawaii - Kaui Philpotts #1327
Great Chefs of Hawaii explores Hawaii's rich culinary traditions as practiced by the Islands' leading chefs. Each recipe has been carefully tested to be easily prepared at home. Substitutions for difficult to obtain ingredients are included. $14.95

Jean Hee's Best of the Best Hawaii Recipes #2702
A bounty of pupu, salads, sides, soups, desserts and fifty two mouth watering main courses, these recipes have been gathered from family tables, group picnics, and school cookbooks across Hawaii, then tested and perfected in Hee's homestyle Kaneohe kitchen. This book includes recipes for many comfort foods such as Portuguese Bean Soup, soba salad, shoyu poke, chicken chili and more. $14.95

Hawaii's Best Mochi #1617
What's chewy and moist, comes in all shapes and flavors, great for picnics, parties, office treats and easy to prepare? Mochi of course! This is a grand collection of traditional and today's popular mochi desserts all in one cookbook. $14.95

A Dash of Aloha Healthy Hawaiian Cuisine and Lifestyle by Kapiolani Community College - University of Hawaii #4939
Eat better and live longer with a DASH of Aloha! This book was created by experts in diet, nutrition and healthcare. The DASH - Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension - has guided people all over the country to better nutrition and weight loss. $15.95

Sam Choy's Cooking with Kids #4938
Quality time between kids and parents is so important, and cooking is a great way to spend time with family while preparing some ono-licious treats. Recipes are labeled "Easy" "Medium" and "Advanced" and the book also includes safety tips for the kitchen. $12.95

Hawaii's Favorite Pineapple Recipes - Joannie Dobbs and Betty Shimabukuro #5280
Gone is the preconception that pineapple is only for garnishing. These recipes show that pineapple is more versatile, it makes cooking fun again. Let the flavors and your imagination soar, when combined with other ingredients pineapple turns an ordinary meal into a memorable one. $14.95

Hawaii's Best Local Dishes - Jean Watanabe Hee #1326
More than 140 favorite island recipes; local favorites that are found at potlucks and beach barbeques through the islands. Many recipes are quick and easy for those who need to whip up a meal in 30 minutes or less. (not pictured) $14.95

Hawaii's Best Local Desserts #1321
Here is a collection of Hawaii's best dessert recipes! Look for recipes with an island flavor, mangoes, pineapple and coconut add their distinctive touch to these desserts. Many recipes incorporate a store bought packaged product for a quick dessert that tastes scrumptious! (not pictured) $14.95

Ambrosia, Recipes For Discriminating Palates - James Temple #5451
Bring fine dining to your table and romance to your plate. The latest in the James Temple series of cookbooks. You won't want to miss the art or the recipes in this one. (not pictured) $19.99

From Italy To Molokai - Gladys Ginesi Kerr #4604
A nice blend of local and Italian recipes. This is a variety you don't find every day and a cookbook you will want to add to your collection. (not pictured) 16.50